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Our Stores

See you at Crepa-Crepa! Driven by a need to improve customer experience, Crepa-Crepa invested in an impressive rebranding to better connect with existing and potential clients. The ongoing rebranding process involves the establishment of stylish and modern stores that serve the key purpose of bringing you closer to our creative production process, product quality characteristics and value chain. Our stores are located in popular areas in the heart of Attica and the Greek islands as well as abroad. Crepa-Crepa has become your new meeting point.


Our very first store opened its doors in 1997 in Kos under the name La Creperie and met with remarkable success. In 2004, we opened our first store in Athens, and more specifically in Nea Smyrni, under our new brand name Crepa-Crepa. Its great success led to the opening of more stores in Rhodes, the Mall Athens, Galatsi and Monastiraki. In 2017, our Nea Smyrni store underwent a complete renovation based on Crepa-Crepa’s new concept and rebranding. As from 2018, all our chain stores are expected to undergo major remodelling based on the same concept and values.


Next stop: Cyprus! Within the framework of Crepa-Crepa’s “rebranding and market repositioning”, our brand opens its first store in Limassol, Cyprus. Limassol’s potential combined with local products and consumer trends, as well as the consolidation of local economic aggregates act as catalysts for our enterprise. The aim is to create, develop and establish a powerful network of Crepa-Crepa stores in Cyprus in order to satisfy unmet consumer needs and reach the untapped market and Cyprus’ increasing tourism potential.


Our brand’s significant growth attracted global interest and a number of investors from Qatar, which led to a major business restructuring plan, product replacement and store remodelling. Amid the financial crisis in Greece, we are enjoying a significant growth and success, expanding our business globally and launching our franchise overseas. All our efforts came to fruition with the opening of our very first Doha store at the “Pearl” shopping mall in 2016, while we are looking to expand our Qatar-based franchise by opening new stores in 2018.


Greatly influenced by the French and Mediterranean cuisine, the much promising Tunisia is our greatest challenge. Our ally in this effort is an extensive experience acquired over the years from business activities undertaken in other countries. Our goal is to launch the first Crepa-Crepa store in Tunis in the first half of 2018.