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Experienced and Friendly
Savoury Crepes

The owners of Crepa-Crepa know first-hand that taste and culture are indissolubly linked and this is why they travel around Greece and abroad on a regular basis to expose themselves to new ethnic cuisines and flavours. Their experience is ingeniously incorporated into Crepa-Crepa’s flavour pairings and recipes: Indian, Italian, Mexican, Greek, with chicken, Light or with Philadelphia cheese, each and every one of our savoury crepes is in itself an inspired and delicious journey. Our thin pastry – the star of the show – is well supported by high-quality raw materials: freshly-cooked spinach, homemade pizza sauce, chicken fillet, creamy guacamole, chilli con carne all prepared daily in the premises of Crepa-Crepa.

Sweet Crepes

It’s a fact! Nine out of ten people say that they like chocolate. The tenth person always lies. Crepa-Crepa people embrace this unofficial world truth and offer not one but five chocolate flavours from their premium product line (praline, bisco, buono, white chocolate, Chios mastic). But it does not stop here! The secret recipe of Crepa-Crepa crepe batter meets one of its most inspired and innovative sweet versions: crepe with crème patisserie. Our full palette of flavours includes our delicious apple pie, cheesecake, strawberry and caramel crepes, as well as our special signature crepes, a result of our collaboration with Lacta and Kiss products.